1. APPLICATION (a) all business accepted by us the Seller is subject to the following terms which shall be incorporated in and shall constitute the whole of the agreement between the Seller and you the Buyer as at the date of your acceptance for us to proceed with works. (b) In the event of any conflict between the foregoing terms on the one hand and the conditions of business of the Buyer on the other hand the foregoing terms shall prevail except to the extent that any departure therefrom has been agreed in writing signed by the proprietor on the Seller’s behalf. The foregoing terms shall come into force on the Sellers acceptance of an order to apply to all orders. The waiver by the Seller of any breach of any of the foregoing terms or any forbearance or indulgence shown by the Seller shall not prevent the subsequent enforcement of the term in question and shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach.

2. LIMITATIONS OF INDEMNITY (a) The Seller will provide professional opinions, advice, paperwork and any other document deemed to inform the Buyer at the Sellers discretion. The Seller cannot be held financially liable for any costs arising from any and all advice given whether verbally, written, on certificates or on any other paperwork, whether the information is incomplete, inaccurate, wrong, faulty, without merit or otherwise. (b) The advise given shall always be given in good faith by the Seller ensuring so as not to intend to mislead, scaremonger, profit from, or overcharge the Buyer. (c) The Buyer is strongly advised to seek multiple professional opinions when seeking advice they intend to use to make further financial commitments whether directly with the Seller or with a third party, particularly and especially for large purchases such as buying/ leasing property. No liability can be accepted exceeding £1 English sterling by the Seller for any information that the Buyer acts upon to make further financial commitments. (d) Any advice given shall be valid on the day of publication to the Buyer only and is merely a professional opinion based on fragmented and sampled existing information and circumstances

3. LIMIT OF LIABILITY (a) The Sellers limit of liability shall not exceed £100 English Sterling for any single claim. (b) The buyer can request the details of the Sellers Public Liability Insurance in the event of damage to a person or property arising from works carried out by the Seller. If the insurance company refuses to make a payment for any reason the limit of liability from the Seller will be £100. (c) The Seller has the right to investigate fully any claims made without any hindrance, prevention, delayed claims, missing information. Any form of tampering of any kind with the Sellers work, even after an event will immediately invalidate any claim made by the Buyer to the Seller.

4. PAYMENT (a) Payment is due upon satisfactory completion of the works detailed overleaf. In the event of a dispute between either parties, the Seller reserves the right to allow reference to BS7671 Amendment 3, Wiring regulations and British Standards to prevail and should the works bee deemed compliant by these regulations the works shall be deemed satisfactory in all circumstances. (b) Deposits are sometimes asked for by the Seller. The Buyer can refuse to give a deposit and the Seller can reconsider at their discretion whether to accept the order of works.

5. CERTIFICATION (a) The Seller will only be required to provide certification or Part P notification for works if (i) the original quotation states this will be included. (ii) If this has not been agreed it will be assumed that the Seller is acting as a Sub-Contractor for the Buyer and that the Buyer has made other arrangements to comply with this law. (iii) if the works carried out are within the remit of Part P. (b) The Buyer should be aware that it will not be possible to register notifiable works under a separate future order of works at a later date due to the rules surrounding deadlines for notifying works.

6. GUARANTEE (a) All works will be guaranteed for workmanship for 36 months (**Subject to servicing agreements being satisfied, this guarantee is not underwritten by insurance (b) Works that have been Part P notified may come with an additional insurance backed guarantee provided by the Part P provider, it is the Sellers responsibility to make the appropriate enquiries prior to accepting this order. (c) Materials shall come with the terms of the manufacturers warranty for materials that we supply only. (d) No guarantee is offered by the Seller for materials that were not supplied by the Seller, whether the Seller installs them or not.

7. JURISDICTION This agreement, these Terms and Conditions, The limit to Liability and Indemnity shall be governed and adjudicated under English Law only. All Contracts to which these Terms and Conditions apply shall be deemed to have been made either at the Sellers office address located at 31 Ham Lane, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 4AN or at the Buyers property, the location of which is clearly described overleaf.